Tuhaf is a Copenhagen based band playing Anatolian psychedelic rock music. 

Known for its g-funk synthesizers, drum grooves that rapidly swing from the thunderous whirlpools of Mitch Mitchell to the biscuit crumbling snap stick of Zigaboo Modeliste, the genre is no stranger to being sampled for Hip Hop purposes.

The songs are homesick ballads and cries of unrequited love narrated, bawled and howled by the Turkish born lead singer Berrin Bas

The band displays meticulous attention to gritty antique detail, but also occasionally & haphazardly digs deep & rips loose into dervish vortex toward the grand eternal ballroom of the sufi void.

2019 marked a mile stone in the bands’ history. Performances at Copenhagen jazzfestival, Cph World Music Festival, SPOT and an opening slot for Tinariwen has earned the band a well deserved position as one of Denmarks’ most exciting live acts.

In september Tuhaf released their debut EP ‘Gölgeden’ available for streaming and to be released on vinyl through Luk Røven records (De Høje Hæle, Orcas etc) in january 2020. Gölgeden also introduced the first Tuhaf songs with lyrics in Danish


11.06.2021 Copenhagen Denmark Christianshavns Beboerhus
10.07.2021 Copenhagen Denmark Cph. Jazzfestival / Stengade
02.04.2022 Copenhagen Denmark Vega