Måneskjold is cerebral music for people who want to move their bodies. It is a motorcycle crashing through the wall separating the two halves of the brain; a rocket headed for the outer reaches of the central core of what it means to be human.

Originally inspired by the ferociousness of space-rock – five dudes met underground sometime around 2012 and jammed through many a night without having a goal in life – or anything. Later, gigs started happening, and after a few performances at the legendary Kildemose Festival, an agreement was made with Kommun2 and SPA to put out the first Måneskjold record.

Kometen Kommer” came out in 2016 to critical aclaim. Recorded by the band themselves in a cabin in a field. Lacking, perhaps, in clarity, the record displayed the energetic live attitude of the band in full. Following the release of the record, the band played many shows in Denmark.

In 2020, they set out to record their second album amidst the corona lockdown with producer Patrick Fragtrup of Wolf Rider Sound Production at the legendary Sweet Silence Studio in Copenhagen. Patrick also did the mixing while the award winning producer Flemming Rasmussen  – known for his work with Metallica, Morbid Angel, Sort Sol etc did the master.

The result is Sølvhjerneskaller. It is a single format LP and explores two intertwining concepts both graphically and sonically; traveling through the trademark, fast-riffed songs over acoustic passages, and laid-back jams. The record expands on the original sound of the band, adding additional synth, 12-string guitar, and even flute. The first single “De Højeste Træer” is out 11 September 2020 while the full record will be out in the beginning of 2021.


13.06.2021 Copenhagen Denmark Loppen